samaelthekind (samaelthekind) wrote,

All The News That Fits!

Okay, first off...AFF is back in gear, and finished uploading the last of my earlier posts to the new site. I can finally properly update All I Ever Wanted on their site, and will be doing so shortly.

I'm still hashing my way through the Epilogue chapter for AIEW, and its kicking my butt. Too much perfectionism, I think.

Jennavere gave me lovely kudos and credits for breaking my Beta cherry on the 5th chapter of her latest evil masterpiece, VERTIGO. (Look for that at Truth be told, it was my pleasure. I can't even properly call it work...since I got more giggles and snickers out of that than I do when I write my own stuff!

The nice folks at HPFandom had nothing really wrong, just a brief loss of service that only stumped me for one night before they got back up and running, so no worries there.

And thats the news that fits...for the moment. Peace and Love to All, Samayel
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