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Une Saison Enfer (with apologies to A.R.)
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Date:2015-04-24 22:28
Subject:A True Friend In True Need
Mood: anxious


The link above is to the Crowdrise page for one of my dearest friends. This week her husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and the costs of treatment will quickly outstrip their savings. Any assistance, however small, is appreciated. If even a small donation is beyond your means, then I beg of you to post and share the link. These two people are dear to me, one of them having been a friend since we were in elementary school, nearly 35 years ago. I have lost a loved one to cancer, and if I can ease their burden or use even the small amount of influence I possess to further their cause...it will have been well worth it.

Thank you in advance to all who chose to make a difference in the lvies of some very exceptional and excellent people! Love, M

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Date:2015-03-18 18:03
Subject:Amazing Start to 2015
Mood: naughty

It's been a mind boggling few months. My hope that 2015 wouldn't be as rough as the year before has been largely true so far. My friends are slowly recovering, my car may have died but work is so steady that I can afford to buy another soon, and my muse has been intact but a little scattered because I've had so much work that I can't spend much time on the computer tapping away at stories (which is normally how my winters go by.)

In story news, I'm finishing up additional original fiction for a small collection tentatively titled Three Tales Of The Messenger. I have a chapter of Big Chicago finally near at hand (it came to me in a semi-dream state). A short fic of Yuki/Shuuichi for Gravitation fans (because who doesn't adore them? Really. They're exquisite yaoi.) There are some other projects in mid-process, but on hold while I focus on original works and such, but they don't bear discussion (teaser: its fairly porny in my brain since my ex came back to MI. Nothing puts me in higher spirits than a visit with him. It's a small miracle I can concentrate on anything else.

Best wishes, and I'll post again as soon as anything concrete gets completed and distributed!

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Date:2015-01-04 10:56
Subject:2015 Overview
Mood: hopeful

Well, what can I say about 2014 except that I'm damned glad its in the past? It was a year that saw me suffer major injury, chronic poverty, crushing debt, and then it garnished that dish with some side helpings of watching people that matter to me dearly endure loss, sorrow, illness, imprisonment and every kind of grief and stress humans can experience.

But now we get to the bright side. I found my voice and can write again. The most beloved of my old flames and exes lives in MI again and I get to see him regularly. Helping him in even small ways, spending time with him even for a few hours here or there...lights a fire of happiness in me that people can see burning in my eyes for days afterwards. My work is starting the year off with a rush of jobs that is rare in wintertime, so for once I'm not destitute in the cold months. My friends are slowly recovering from the battering they took in the previous year and it looks like their lives will be improving just like my own.

I feel hopeful. I feel as if all is possible. I feel like enduring and struggling garners some results instead of just being symbolically relevant but actually useless. Maybe it is just the attitude that matters, but if I can sustain this feeling through the new year we're in, perhaps I can make 2015 a year in which dreams actually come true. If belief counts for anything, this year will be legendary.

Let's hope that 2015 is as good to you as its been to me so far! Enjoy!

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Date:2014-12-15 06:02
Subject:Savage Gambit

The Savage Gambit is now almost complete...with a total of ten chapters...of which 7 have been posted. Over the next 3 days the last should be up at AO3...which means that by the weekend I'll be posting it everywhere else.

I'm scoping around for well rendered cover art that might be suitable for ebooks...since I have only a short time left before I start publishing stories for sale on Amazon (with samples available at Wattpad.) If anyone knows of skillful and reasonably priced artists who accept commissions, I'm open to suggestions.


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Date:2014-12-10 14:14
Subject:The March Of Seasons
Mood: good

It's happened faster than I'd expected. So much time between posts. At least I have news worth the telling of.

1) A short fic (H/D of course) is up on all the usual haunts: titled "Immortalized In Film" and featuring a short guest appearance of young Sirius/Remus implied m/m. Enjoy ;-)

2) An Epilogue to The Curse is also up and can be found on most of the usual sites. It's written as a 'therapy journal' of Harry's from his time in St. Mungo's and with Draco after the curse was broken. Hopefully this also gives a window into his side of the story, since the rest of the tale was told almost entirely from Draco's POV.

3) A new short series of chapters is being unleashed on only one site at first: Archive Of Our Own is presently hosting the new chapters of "The Savage Gambit", my retelling of the legendary classic Dangerous Liaisons (the inspiration for the movies of the same name, and the film 'Cruel Intentions'), featuring Draco, Harry, and Pansy in the prime roles. When the entire story is unfolded, it will be updated on other sites, but for now I'm uploading its chapters each night on AO3.

and finally, despite being slightly delayed by personal matters, I have opened accounts on Amazon and Wattpad, and am considering cover art in advance of the first free releases, and eventual low cost releases, of original works. This may be ready before Christmas, but given the complexities in my schedule this is subject to random interruption.

It's been a busy couple of months, with my dear friend back from Texas and safely ensconced in work and a safe home of a mutual friend...but there have been some challenges and trials. Shortly after getting him to safety, he arranged a doctors visit at last. He endured some very difficult times toward the end of his stay in Texas, and it seems that he contracted HIV during that period. It was caught early, his overall health is very good, and treatment options are far better than when we were kids, so it looks like one pill a day and in a few months he'll be to 'undetectable status'. It's still a lot to take in...emotionally and mentally. In our youthful heyday (circa 1987-1993) it was a death sentence and a life a of hermitage for anyone who contracted it...but the world changed on us while were busy living and loving.

I can't express how glad I am to have been to the doctors with him and seen for myself how easily they can treat this now. My friend will not waste away and die, and I won't have to watch his suffering from a bedside. Having memories of this regarding other people long ago, its a huge relief that I won't be forced to say goodbye to another person before their time. Needless to say, I take a lot of time to run over to his town and spend time with him, and to help make his new residence a little more livable and more like a home instead of a place to stay. This slows down the writing...but as you can see, it hasn't stopped it! if anything, having my friend and most beloved muse back in my life on a weekly basis is a powerful inspiration to me. It suffuses me with the palpable awareness of my capacity to love and be loved, to care and be cared for, and the desire to create and share my creations.

In any case, look forward to more posts! As things develop and I select cover art, any hints or teasers I can offer will pop up here first!

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Date:2014-10-15 22:45
Subject:Back to it!
Mood: rejuvenated

I just took a hi speed trip to Texas and back to help a friend come home to MI. Not just any friend either! Some may recall me waxing fondly reminiscent of old flames and ex lovers from many years ago. Perhaps I've mentioned some of the people who have been my muses and models for characters...and also how feelings for those people make up the basis for my ability to write about intense passion.

The person I brought back to MI was arguably one of the most important of those muses. Making the run from MI to TX and back in a total of 5 days was grueling, but it was profoundly worth it. Exhausted, sore and dizzy from lack of sleep...I was still happier basking in his presence than I have been in many a more comfortable place. Even after 25 years, he is, and always will be, my beloved friend.

In any case, it's time to get back to work. I have stories to complete and update, as well as original works to prepare samples for, with the intention of releasing free samples of the original works in advance of placing them up for sale on Amazon. Ideally I'd like to have the first stuff ready in November...so its about to be a few weeks of serious keyboard labor! Wish me luck, and I hope everyone enjoys the fruits of my labor!

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Date:2014-09-15 21:36
Subject:Echoes of Echoes :-)
Mood: chipper

Rather than post a whole stack of updates regarding one fic, I can now say that Echoes of Yesterday is updated at AO3, Skyehawke, HPFandom and AdultFanfiction.net, with chapters 41-43 presently available, and Chapter 44, the ending, due to go up tomorrow night. I feel great that two of the fics I left unfinished are finally complete! Now I take a short break, work on some private pieces, and focus on Big Chicago again! Enjoy all!

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Date:2014-08-30 19:40
Subject:Big Chicago and more!

Okay! It finally happened! I posted the Intermezzo Chapter of Big Chicago because it was finally complete and edited. I also brought all sites where it is presently archived up to date. The sites are AdultFanFiction.net, TheHexFiles.net, Skyehawke.com, and HPFandom.net.

Echoes of Yesterday ALSO got an update, with the 40th chapter being a DOOZY! The nature of the book is finally revealed :-). Enjoy! It's located on the sites above (Except the HexFiles).

I'm off to enjoy a little Labor Day Weekend food and fun with friends...and I hope its a fun filled weekend for all of you, no matter where you may be!

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Date:2014-08-24 22:45
Subject:Echoes and reverb

Not to be a broken record, but Echoes just got its 39th chapter...and what an ending ;-) It's up at Skyehawke and HPFandom, and shortly it will be up at AFF.

In the meanwhile, Big Chicago's intermission chapter nears completion...so that ought to be up before the coming weekend, possibly alongside another chapter for Echoes, which is moving much much faster.


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Date:2014-08-16 20:16
Subject:Echoes Of Yesterday: new chapter up!

HPFandom and Skyehawke now have the newest (38th) chapter from Echoes up and posted :-) Enjoy! I'm getting back to work on the Intermezzo chapter of Big Chicago and some original works.

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Date:2014-08-12 18:39
Subject:Rainy Day Post!
Mood: weird

In Michigan its raining right now. I've been swamped with outdoor work, but rain means I get the day off. I completed editing for Echoes Of Yesterday Chapter 37 and posted it on Skyehawke and HPFandom. Now I'm back to work on updating other sites with older works, getting new material including Echoes next chapter, Big Chicago's Intermission chapter, and original works edited and lengthened. The next time I get a real break to just write at random and post may be awhile from now, but at least I got something done this week and properly uploaded! Hope all's well for the rest of you out there!

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Date:2014-08-05 20:26
Subject:And more updates!
Mood: content

Aside from finally getting the last chapter of The Office up on most sites (Skyehawke/HexFiles/HPFandom/AFF/A03) and The Curse uploaded to the same, I also posted a couple of brand new items since this weekends flurry.

Earless, Tailless, and Excuseless is a humor fic set in the Loveless manga fandom. (Posted at AFF, A03 and Skyehawke.)

Getting Off And Getting Even is a 3 chapter series of love/hate revenge H/D smutty goodness with a happy ending. Posted on the same three sites as above, plus HexFiles...with other sites shortly to be added.

I'm beefing up my presence on The Quidditch Pitch, although there doesn't seem to be so much activity there these days...but its only been a week, so its hard to say. Time has beaten up a lot of old favorite sites. Forever Fandom seems to be out of commission and down for repairs...after releasing a request for skilled techs who may be able to assist in code issues. If anyone can throw them aid or refer them to someone...please do.

I also made some updates of new material at FanFiction.net, but these were less adult rated fics because they tend to lean toward the clean...which rules out quite a bit of my material (snicker).

That having been said, I'm back to work on Echoes and Big Chicago's new material, several original works for later publication and esale...and one other special fanfic project that I don't dare announce...because if I'm not happy with the results I won't post it. All I can say is that there was a story that was abandoned by someone a long time ago...and it deserves an ending. I knew them then, and I think they would have been happy to know that the fic at least received a 'patch' ending from someone who had a fair idea of where it was intended to go. When I have enough confidence in what I've created to make an announcement about it...I will. Cross your fingers on that one.

Love and Peace! Sam

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Date:2014-08-03 04:59
Subject:Updates and new material.

Okay...ground to cover on this topic,

1) Two new short fics have been posted at A03 and Hexfiles (as well as skyehawke). Minerva's Secret Chronicles and To The Victor Goes The Spoils. They are loosely H/D...but are largely just fluffy humorous ficlets both under a thousand words. (Make that three new fics...the third one is Getting Off And Getting Even...located wherever the others can be found. What can I say...I'm super inspired lately!)

2) A fic in a non H/D fandom has also been posted at A03 and Skyehawke...titled Pretty As A Picture, set in the fandom of the anime Gravitation.

3) Tomorrow the final chapter of The Office goes up on all sites...and the last two chapters of The Curse will go up on A03.

and 4) Echoes of Yesterday should have its new chapter up somewhat later than The Office, but at least before midnight. (Located on Skyehawke, and eventually on HPFandom).

Whew...and i squeezed it all in while finishing a huge job! Now I can relax a moment, get some writing and editing done with no pressure, and enjoy a day off! I spent this afternoon at our local zoo, squeeing over cute animals (I fed a giraffe!!), and then driving friends around before getting some writing done. Time for a well deserved weekend of lounging about and being creative!!

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Date:2014-07-26 13:17
Subject:All the news that fits!
Mood: excited

1) I'm almost finished moving my archived fics to AO3. I should be done in a week or two. This doesn't mean they won't be on other sites...it just means that I'll have a permanent presence on AO3. I'll still be loading new material at Skyehawke.com as Samael, or at hexfiles as Samayel, before I load anywhere else...so when I confirm a new chapter as ready and uploaded...it will be at those two sites for a week before I load them anywhere else. (It's kind of a legacy thing...they were my main sites for a long time...so I lavish them with love still.)

2) The end chapter of The Office is in final editing. It will get uplaoded no later than this coming weekend (next Saturday or Sunday...whichever I have more time for.)

3) The next chapter of Echoes of Yesterday is finished and about to start editing. It will probably be ready for upload at the same time as The Office.

4) The newest chapter for Big Chicago may take some time...and I'm doing something I'd meant to do quite awhile ago. It will be titled "Intermezzo" and it will be an 'intermission' in the fashion of double feature movies...a break during a very long and complicated story so everyone can stretch their legs. This will include a section of my apologies for the extreme delay, and a great deal of background information on events, literary references, locations, inspirations and sources that influenced the story. I'd like to have it ready sometime into the new month, but since its just started this is hard to say.

5) When all new chapters are up and in progress...I mean to do something different at the end of August and post an original work of fantasy fiction on sites that allow them. It's really a single story that is part of a collection of short stories set in fantasy fiction-esque scenarios. Feedback will be especially critical...because I mean to spend winter (downtime for painters like me) prepping and e-publishing a small collection of short works at a low price to make it accessible. People's thoughts on the first story will have an enormous impact on what I choose to focus on during the winter months, with the intent of publishing roughly in February or March. The core concept is to create a small bundle of 3 or 4 completely separate stories that each resolve...but can be expanded on in a later edition...like a series...with each story quite a bit longer than standard fan fic chapters. Timing them all to fit neatly in a collection, and making sure that each plot gives a solid sense of resolution and doesn't involve cliffhangers will be hard. (Cliffhangers are great in fanfic where the posting time tends to be closer together...but I'd hate to do something like that when it might take a year to complete a new release.)

Whew! That was a bunch o' stuff! Anywise...next post will next weekend...announcing the locations for new chapter uploads for old stories that urgently need updates! Love to all, and thank you for the encouragement!

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Date:2014-07-11 13:31
Subject:The Curse- Completed!


There's the link to it at Skyehawke. All 7 chapters are now uploaded.

In other news, I'm making nightly uploads to Ao3, mostly moving my existing stories from Hexfiles and Skyhawke over. In a few weeks, when the uploads are complete, I'll start uploading some brand new material, including updates to long stalled out stories (Office, Big Chicago, Echoes)...and possibly a sample of original fantasy fiction to just test the waters and ask for people's reactions before i try self publishing collections of short stories.

That aside...I have TONS of work...and am constantly sore and tired. Oof. Its doggone hard to be a painter in summertime...but so much opportunity for good honest money!!!

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Date:2014-07-06 22:26
Subject:It's official!
Mood: thankful

I'm on AO3 as Samayel. The first ten chapters of Redeem Me have been my first uploads. I'll be uploading old fics a stack at a time for quite awhile to come.

In other news...the second chapter of The Curse is up at skyehawke! Enjoy all! It's great to be back!

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Date:2014-07-05 23:49
Subject:A lot to address!

1) Contrary to rumor...I have in fact survived into the modern era.

2) It just felt like I didn't. There have been a lot of ups and downs...rocky (and now defunct) relationship. Abundant and then non existent work. Brief wealth and then deep poverty. Severe injury (broke most of the ribs on my left side as well as the arm) and prolonged rest and recuperation. Etc etc ad infinitum. It's all led to here and now so it's all good.

3) Very slow writing for want of a muse to inspire me. But at least a few bits have come here and there. As well as the beginning of my first forays into original fantasy fiction.

4) All projects are back in production at last. My computer is in mid upgrade and I hope to be able to produce more once I'm working on something less archaic. (At present I am on the same computer I started on...12 years ago. It's merely been enhanced with better parts.)

5) Feel free to drop by Skyehawke.com. I'm starting my new posts/fics there, mostly because the death knell seems to have been sounded for a few of my favorite sites, but skyehawke is still up and running.

6) The new fic is titled The Curse. Fairly dark Harry/Draco (because hey...even after all this time...I haven't changed THAT much! ;-) )

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Date:2010-05-29 23:32
Subject:New Updates! Multiple Stories!
Mood: cheerful

No beating around the bush...I posted several stories over the last few days. One was "The Prince's New Garments"...which was posted as an entry in the Bottom!Draco LJ fairy tale challenge. The second was "Scratching The Itch: Part 2" which gives a pleasnt poignant epilogue to that story.

And for a crowning glory of the week...Big Chicago has finally been properly updated :-) Long overdue, of course, but I finished the chapter and gave it a decent edit before posting. By all means...enjoy!

In the works...new chapter to finish up The Office...and an update for Echoes. Coming soon!

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Date:2010-05-10 00:08
Subject:Alive and kicking...but sheepish and embarrassed!

Has it really been over a year? It was March of 2009 the last time I posted...but what a year we've had in this part of the country. An economy collapsed between the last time I posted and now...and the country, specifically the state, I live in has been in financial chaos. I've done alright through it all, but it's hard to watch others endure so much struggle.

Writing has been difficult, for multiple reasons, some entirely personal, others routine and boring, but I have gotten back in the game the last couple months. New chapters for familiar stories are being edited, and original creations are getting edited as well...although these probably wont see print anytime soon. Big Chicago is due for a post very shortly...followed by Echoes and The Office's final? chapter.

The kind words sent my way have been a blessing and have brought many smiles on otherwise rough days. My thansk belong to you all...both for patience, and for generosity of spirit.

Love and peace, Samael

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Date:2009-03-26 10:43
Subject:Good News! At Last!

Well, yesterday I finished Part 35 of Big Chicago. Basically, I was so enraged by losing a whole chapter that I sat down and considered how much had been packed into that chapter...it was past 6000 words and had a bit more to go just yet, so I broke it in half...roughly, and rewrote the first two thirds of what was taking place. The only consequence will be a late introduction for a couple of new characters, the last two new ones, and the reintroduction of a couple of previously mentioned characters. It seems rage is a great inspiration, but I think it was easier because I already knew the chapter content by heart. (Edit something a few times after writing a few sentences a night for a month or so and boy can you recall a lot!)

So Enjoy part 35! No delay after all. More good things to come, but days off come few and far between just lately, and my thanks for all the kind words and patient support, folks! Love, S

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