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Date:2014-07-26 13:17
Subject:All the news that fits!
Mood: excited

1) I'm almost finished moving my archived fics to AO3. I should be done in a week or two. This doesn't mean they won't be on other just means that I'll have a permanent presence on AO3. I'll still be loading new material at as Samael, or at hexfiles as Samayel, before I load anywhere when I confirm a new chapter as ready and will be at those two sites for a week before I load them anywhere else. (It's kind of a legacy thing...they were my main sites for a long I lavish them with love still.)

2) The end chapter of The Office is in final editing. It will get uplaoded no later than this coming weekend (next Saturday or Sunday...whichever I have more time for.)

3) The next chapter of Echoes of Yesterday is finished and about to start editing. It will probably be ready for upload at the same time as The Office.

4) The newest chapter for Big Chicago may take some time...and I'm doing something I'd meant to do quite awhile ago. It will be titled "Intermezzo" and it will be an 'intermission' in the fashion of double feature movies...a break during a very long and complicated story so everyone can stretch their legs. This will include a section of my apologies for the extreme delay, and a great deal of background information on events, literary references, locations, inspirations and sources that influenced the story. I'd like to have it ready sometime into the new month, but since its just started this is hard to say.

5) When all new chapters are up and in progress...I mean to do something different at the end of August and post an original work of fantasy fiction on sites that allow them. It's really a single story that is part of a collection of short stories set in fantasy fiction-esque scenarios. Feedback will be especially critical...because I mean to spend winter (downtime for painters like me) prepping and e-publishing a small collection of short works at a low price to make it accessible. People's thoughts on the first story will have an enormous impact on what I choose to focus on during the winter months, with the intent of publishing roughly in February or March. The core concept is to create a small bundle of 3 or 4 completely separate stories that each resolve...but can be expanded on in a later a series...with each story quite a bit longer than standard fan fic chapters. Timing them all to fit neatly in a collection, and making sure that each plot gives a solid sense of resolution and doesn't involve cliffhangers will be hard. (Cliffhangers are great in fanfic where the posting time tends to be closer together...but I'd hate to do something like that when it might take a year to complete a new release.)

Whew! That was a bunch o' stuff! post will next weekend...announcing the locations for new chapter uploads for old stories that urgently need updates! Love to all, and thank you for the encouragement!

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Date:2014-07-11 13:31
Subject:The Curse- Completed!

There's the link to it at Skyehawke. All 7 chapters are now uploaded.

In other news, I'm making nightly uploads to Ao3, mostly moving my existing stories from Hexfiles and Skyhawke over. In a few weeks, when the uploads are complete, I'll start uploading some brand new material, including updates to long stalled out stories (Office, Big Chicago, Echoes)...and possibly a sample of original fantasy fiction to just test the waters and ask for people's reactions before i try self publishing collections of short stories.

That aside...I have TONS of work...and am constantly sore and tired. Oof. Its doggone hard to be a painter in summertime...but so much opportunity for good honest money!!!

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Date:2014-07-06 22:26
Subject:It's official!
Mood: thankful

I'm on AO3 as Samayel. The first ten chapters of Redeem Me have been my first uploads. I'll be uploading old fics a stack at a time for quite awhile to come.

In other news...the second chapter of The Curse is up at skyehawke! Enjoy all! It's great to be back!

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Date:2014-07-05 23:49
Subject:A lot to address!

1) Contrary to rumor...I have in fact survived into the modern era.

2) It just felt like I didn't. There have been a lot of ups and downs...rocky (and now defunct) relationship. Abundant and then non existent work. Brief wealth and then deep poverty. Severe injury (broke most of the ribs on my left side as well as the arm) and prolonged rest and recuperation. Etc etc ad infinitum. It's all led to here and now so it's all good.

3) Very slow writing for want of a muse to inspire me. But at least a few bits have come here and there. As well as the beginning of my first forays into original fantasy fiction.

4) All projects are back in production at last. My computer is in mid upgrade and I hope to be able to produce more once I'm working on something less archaic. (At present I am on the same computer I started on...12 years ago. It's merely been enhanced with better parts.)

5) Feel free to drop by I'm starting my new posts/fics there, mostly because the death knell seems to have been sounded for a few of my favorite sites, but skyehawke is still up and running.

6) The new fic is titled The Curse. Fairly dark Harry/Draco (because hey...even after all this time...I haven't changed THAT much! ;-) )

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Date:2010-05-29 23:32
Subject:New Updates! Multiple Stories!
Mood: cheerful

No beating around the bush...I posted several stories over the last few days. One was "The Prince's New Garments"...which was posted as an entry in the Bottom!Draco LJ fairy tale challenge. The second was "Scratching The Itch: Part 2" which gives a pleasnt poignant epilogue to that story.

And for a crowning glory of the week...Big Chicago has finally been properly updated :-) Long overdue, of course, but I finished the chapter and gave it a decent edit before posting. By all means...enjoy!

In the chapter to finish up The Office...and an update for Echoes. Coming soon!

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Date:2010-05-10 00:08
Subject:Alive and kicking...but sheepish and embarrassed!

Has it really been over a year? It was March of 2009 the last time I posted...but what a year we've had in this part of the country. An economy collapsed between the last time I posted and now...and the country, specifically the state, I live in has been in financial chaos. I've done alright through it all, but it's hard to watch others endure so much struggle.

Writing has been difficult, for multiple reasons, some entirely personal, others routine and boring, but I have gotten back in the game the last couple months. New chapters for familiar stories are being edited, and original creations are getting edited as well...although these probably wont see print anytime soon. Big Chicago is due for a post very shortly...followed by Echoes and The Office's final? chapter.

The kind words sent my way have been a blessing and have brought many smiles on otherwise rough days. My thansk belong to you all...both for patience, and for generosity of spirit.

Love and peace, Samael

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Date:2009-03-26 10:43
Subject:Good News! At Last!

Well, yesterday I finished Part 35 of Big Chicago. Basically, I was so enraged by losing a whole chapter that I sat down and considered how much had been packed into that was past 6000 words and had a bit more to go just yet, so I broke it in half...roughly, and rewrote the first two thirds of what was taking place. The only consequence will be a late introduction for a couple of new characters, the last two new ones, and the reintroduction of a couple of previously mentioned characters. It seems rage is a great inspiration, but I think it was easier because I already knew the chapter content by heart. (Edit something a few times after writing a few sentences a night for a month or so and boy can you recall a lot!)

So Enjoy part 35! No delay after all. More good things to come, but days off come few and far between just lately, and my thanks for all the kind words and patient support, folks! Love, S

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Date:2009-03-24 12:31
Subject:Spluttering through rage induced foam
Mood: infuriated

Okay...still taking deep breaths here. My New Word Office program has somehow encountered a problem where the file for Big Chicago's new chapter...almost a months work in my time off...has been corrupted and is unrecoverable. There is a vein on my forehead that is pulsating dangerously right now. At the appears as though I will have to start over from memory and rebuild the chapter...which wasnt an easy one to begin with...since pacing multiple characters and events in an order that flows well is trickier than it sounds. I may just take a few minutes away from the computer to recover my equilibrium, then put some soothing punk rock on to calm my nerves. Thank god Echoes and other recent works are still intact...but my trust in WordOffice is severely diminished right now.

Sorry folks. It looks like the long delayed chapter for BC will be just a little longer in the works. Peace and love, yours, Sam

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Date:2009-02-13 18:58
Subject:I Have Returned...(no...really!)

Well, the moving process is complete. I now have a house, occupied by Matt and myself, as well as our beloved pup, Mr Bones. I should now begin the long process of apologizing for my near total absence from the web.

In the middle of the move, that little case of strep throat turned out to be viral bronchitis, which damned near turned into pnuemonia, which made moving boxes and crates and furniture pure torture, but we got it done. The mail service out here isnt very good, and it took literally 6 weeks and a half dozen phone calls to get internet service properly running. On the bright side, I did finish and pass my classes last semester, so I now hold two Associate degrees, in Arts and in General Studies, and can pursue a Bachelors when I am ready. (After a short break to concentrate on home and well enjoy more writing time.)

The next major interruption other than scrambling for work in a bad economy was the joyful kind. My youngest brother got London, which sent me trekking across the ocean again and savoring the food and company in England's most cosmopolitan city. I really have begun to love the place with a passion. Since then I have returned home, stirred up some fresh work and gotten back to getting bills under control, all while running Matt to school and back because (and here's the last crisis that I endured after getting off the plane from London) the spare truck he was driving slid off the road and crashed into a tree. No injuries, but the damage was to great to let him keep driving it. It had to be totalled out and sold for scrap.

But thats has settled nicely since then, our house is starting to look like two civilized people live in it, and work is slowly picking up. Without classes to drag me away, I have time in the evening to write again, and updates shall soon be coming. Big Chicago is about 2500 words from a new chapter (since the average chapter is rather large), and Echoes of Yesterday needs about a thousand more words and some editing, but the Office is barely started and needs quite a bit of wrk for the final chapter, so that one may be a bit far off just yet.

That said, god is it good to be back online, and to be able to say with a certain security that I'll be consistently available into the foreseeable future :-) Thanks to all who have been patient and considerate during my months of chaotic upheaval!~

Love and Peace, Samael

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Date:2008-10-27 12:41
Subject:It's Aliiiive!!

Big Chicago just got a new update, and I hope all enjoy!

In other news, I'm practically living out of boxes and bags, waiting to get the move properly underway. This means that in about a week I'll be offline for a little while as things get hooked up in the new house.

Eric's mother passed away, as expected, late in the evening, surrounded by family. The wake was a marvelous thing, full of family that came together seamlessly in spite of many differences and high emotions, and I was grateful that it was a gathering she would have been proud of.

The estate was quietly dissolved between the children, and Eric has safely returned to Vegas and to his bf Kyle. Matt I already miss him quite a bit, since Eric is the soul of dry humor and savage wit, even when he's sick and tired of beset by problems. On the bright side, his health has improved very nicely over the past few weeks.

I've just recovered from a short round of strep throat...which I've survived before, but my bf Matt is still bedridden...since he's a bit more fragile that I am in general. (Although this has been a great break that allowed me to write and him to rest up after a brutal work/nursing school regimen).

In the meantime, I still write when I can get away for a break, and I still have yet to stir in the final ingredients for Big Chicago before it all simmers to a boil. There are just a few more characters to add, and a few situations to unfold before things hit critical mass. Be well, enjoy, and love to all, Sam

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Date:2008-09-13 02:02
Subject:New Chapter and Further Bulletins
Mood: crazy

Chaos is still in place. Eric is in a hospital after developing blood clots in his chemo port (the plug they put in your chest to pump drugs thru when they have to do it often) but he'll be alright and is getting out tomorrow...probably.

My brother has gone home to London, with his lovely girlfriend, after a whirlwind tour of Michigan...which isnt much, but the scenery in certain areas is amazing :-)

I've closed a deal to lease a new house for my lover and I, with a nice guest room so Eric will be able to stay over when he can visit (to get away from his family...who are crazy as hell and a great pain in his caboose. At least I used to be a pleasant pain there!)

School is in full session and I'm reminded of why I hate algebra, but the film interp class just rocks. As soon as they mentioned Dr Strangelove... I knew I was gonna have a good time :-)

I'm tired, quite poor, overworked, stressed

and basically alive and well. Aint that life?

Enjoy the new chapter, and my love to all, Samayel

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Date:2008-08-26 16:04

Well, life is chaotic, but ever so slowly beginning to calm down. My ex and I are fully reunited, and moving in together is a lengthy and weird process of elimination as we figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. We have so much stuff between the two of us. Two complete kitchens and two complete living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms means lots of excess furniture. So many boxes we could barely move for the first week.

I've worked all summer and passed my classes with flying colors...and ironically, after an A in a health class, I got sick...and it was viral bronchitis. It lasted most of a month, since they cant treat it with antibiotics. Once I got well enough to work, plenty of it had piled up while I was sick, so I was fairly busy for a few weeks while I caught up to where I'd left off a month ago.

Finally, I just made a hasty cross country trip from Vegas back to Michigan, to help an old friend bring his sick mothers car home to her. She thought she'd be able to go back to Vegas and pick it up herself, but she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and the situation is fairly bad, so I flew to Vegas and Eric and I took turns driving for two days.

I got back today. I have seen the desert, the mountains, the plains, forests and hills, lakes, rivers and streams, and almost ten states along the way. Pretty incredible for 2000 miles in less than 48 hours ;-)

Now I have a younger brother flying in from London in a few days, with his lovely English girlfriend, work to get back to, friends to visit and catch up with after my long absence, and fall classes starting in a week.

And still, the real good news is that I'm finally starting to have more time for writing. This means not waiting two months between posts, time to LJ and chat, and more chapters to come as soon as I can get them finalized and edited reasonably well. Let me say that I have missed that free time, and I cant wait to get back to the art of story telling :-)

Peace and love to all, Samayel

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Date:2008-05-29 21:26

As of late...I am:

1) Painting yet another house...this time a rush order and a complete interior redesign. Average day = 8-10 hrs

2) Attending Summer Classes...which are isn't really hard so much as difficult to create attractively. I grasp the concepts, but I need lots of practice, and time is in short supply lately. The Health/Well-being course is bookish and test based, so I'll be fine, but its a lot more to read.

3) 'Sleeping' with my ex-bf so frequently that we're like bunnies on ecstacy. He's packing to move home to California at the end of the month, which is sad, because we're so recently reunited, but that's just the way it is. Because of some mistakes he made, his opportunities in this town are very limited. Maybe someday we'll try it again...who knows?

4)Not feeling terribly well. Stomach cramps plague me lately, but today was better than the last few. We shall see.

and 5) Writing when and where I can, which is generally a few hundred words before bedtime, scattered across the three projects, with chapter lengths near 2,000-5,000 wds, so it might be awhile before each one is post worthy.

This post is really against my no LJ, no IM, no playing about while there's work to be done rule, but I thought that, given the delays, it would better to let people know I'm still chugging away :-)

When the work slackens off a little, I will return...especially since I miss you all!

Peace, and be well, Samayel

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Date:2008-04-30 22:13
Subject:Can't fight that feeling!

Well, I promised myself I'd stay away from LJ and messenger when I'm really busy, but my email registered wonderful Virtual gifts from people who were congratulating me on making the Round 3 Winners list for Quill To Parchment. It's definetely time for an update, rules be damned!

Thank you all so very much! This makes a very busy week a lot better, and it was pretty good even though I'm quite tired! Looks like the winner for "We Can't Afford To Be Innocent"-Best Trio Era went to "ALl I Ever Wanted", which is doubly pleasing because it was my first fic, and I love that it gets attention still, because it really was a labor of love and a first attempt to write a long fic and stick to it until the finish. A moment like this almost two years later makes it all the more special.

As for this fandom...I thank you...because you've given me
all I ever wanted!

Love and Peace, Samayel

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Date:2008-04-18 17:23
Subject:By way of explanation...

Well, it's been quite awhile since I LJ'd, and I should be moderately embarrassed, but I have enough reasons to feel unashamed. I'm hustling hard to finish up as many contracts as possible before the semester starts, so that I can relax a little while I take my courses this summer, and maybe even slip out of town for Conventions of various types (comics, anime, HP, etc). Mostly, just enjoy a summer properly for once instead of working all the way through it.

That aside, my ex-bf and I have made a sort of peace between us, which is better than the rather one sided war he was engaged in for months. I felt a bit like Paul McCartney, knowing precisely what it feels like to try to retain a dignified silence in the face of someone who seems to want open warfare. The shift to peaceful coexistence in the same town has been incredibly heartening.

Additionally, I've finally got a newer better vehicle to depend on, and the arrangements for license and registration seemed to take forever, tax time came and went, leaving me a bloodless and thoroughly drained husk on the floor of my apartment, and several friends of mine have been enduring topsy turvy life situations that have occupied some of my attention. hasn't greatly affected the pace of my writing, but I have curtailed almost everything but writing and posting. Answering reviews, LJ, IM's, and other fun have all been off my to do list until I finish up the excess spring work in front of me. Thanks for those who have been kind and patient, and Big Chicago is due to update in the coming week (while Echoes updated just a couple days ago!).

Until next time, with love, Sam

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Date:2008-03-20 23:49
Subject:New Chapter For BC

Big Chicago 29 is up, and the Sting begins. Enjoy!! I've been wildly overworked lately, but still able to get a few hundred words up per night. Plus...I seem to have a muse just lately. A cute, sweet muse with very pretty eyes. :-) It helps. Its been almost a year since my ex-bf and I split up. I think I might actually be ready to date again. Yays!

Peace and love to all, and more will be coming as fast as I can manage it :-), Samayel

Sudden addendum...due to a flurry of effort, Echoes Chapter 31 just went up as well! Heres to me! Finally have the energy to get some serious words down per night. Reap the benefits all :-) Peace

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Date:2008-03-04 21:27
Subject:21 Gun Salute!

I don't generally write eulogies, but I felt the need to write something about this. Today, Mar. 4th of 2008, Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons And Dragons, passed away at his home in Lake Geneva Wisconsin after a lengthy period of illness.

I am not the most die hard fan of D&D, but I am a great fan of scifi and fantasy literature, and any number of games or movies that have in part been inspired by what this guy created. For me personally, there are other reasons to stop a moment at his passing, and say a few appropriate words.

At the time that I stumbled upon the game, I was a very disaffected teenager with very little in the way of trust or affection for other people. I preferred books, because they were rarely fickle or unkind. In the instant that I found a place at a cardboard table with four other kids my age, I found a level of comfort around other people that I had never had, and began to socialize in a normal way for the first time since I was very small. The profundity of that is easy to underestimate.

Second, D&D games tend to draw on classical mythology and literature, and require (or quickly help you to build) a considerable word knowledge. I was always a reader, but by the time I was fifteen, my language skills tested at the college post-graduate level. My passion for words had a part of its birth there.

And finally, the love of telling a story, first as a gamemaster on occasion, and then as a writer, is closely linked to creating a world into which other people could delve, always wondering what mystery I had placed around the corner.

My life has been overwhelmingly enriched, and populated with an array of friends that I utterly treasure, all because of a few guys who had a notion and ran with it more than three decades ago.

Thank you, Gary. I wish you a most peaceful and gentle rest. Whatever some may have thought, you brought a lot of good things into the world, and nudged a great many of us to create in our own way, and on our own terms. Farewell.

Love, Samayel

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Date:2008-02-26 18:11
Subject:More BC

Between other projects, I've managed to finish the new chapter of Big Chicago, and Echoes new chapter is nearly ready. then I can work on the long awaited installment of The Office. Feeling very accomplished to day. Ever since I got back from vacation, I'm back to averaging a few thousand words every time I sit down to write...and some of them are even good words :-) Thanks to all who patiently waited for me to back to my old pace!

Peace, Samayel

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Date:2008-02-12 15:14
Subject:Adventures Abroad!
Mood: chipper

Well, that's that! I'm home at last and have been writing away, getting the feel and flow back as I go. Tomorrow works kicks back in so I wanted to post this tonight while I have the time, then write as much as possible before work eats up some of my time.

London was everything I hoped for and more besides. What a wonderful world city! Everywhere were different languages and people from around the globe, tourists and residents, like a Modern Tower Of Babel, but not limited to a tower. Despite my occasional digs about British food (specifically beef) there were great places to eat everywhere, and my brother guided me to some of the best of them!

I stayed on my brothers tugboat/apartment near Greenland Peir on the South Bank of the Thames, and took river taxis and buses to the places I wanted to visit. Mostly, I walked, because I like walking and its a good way to work off all the food and beer I was taking in. (And I took in a lot of beer...and cider...and wine...and whiskey.) Between the living on a boat and the beer, I developed quite a swagger while walked, a kind of sailor's rolling walk, but since I'm very tough I covered about 5 miles a day on average, if not more.

Some of my trip was focused on cuisine, including the Borough Market Bankside, where my brother's company has a shop. I focused on Englands specialty foods (non beef) and found that fish and sausage are treated really well. Now I know why fish and chips and bangers and mash are so popular there!

The larger part of my tour was dedicated to museums, like the Churchill/War Museum, the Courtauld Gallery, The Clink Prison Museum, The Golden Hind (Sir Francis Drake's restored galleon...the ship that traveled the globe both as a privateer and as a ship of exploration), and numerous other galleries and theatres besides. I took a lor of pics of architecture, especially of Cathedrals like Southwark Cathedral or St Pauls, not because I'm Anglican or even particularly religious, but because the architecture and artwork is stunning!!!

I managed to get a private tour (THANK YOU THERESA!!) of the inner workings of St Pauls Cathedral, along with a glimpse of the hidden library tower and archival/restoration projects. The librarian/archivist was a wonderful chap. Interestingly, the staircase up to the tower was the design basis for some of the tower stairs in the Harry Potter movies!! A most unique tie in, especially since I suspect that one of the curators there might be a fanfic fan...wasn't sure, but she was an enormous fan of JKR, bless her heart.

Managed to catch a major exhibit of teh work of Salvador Dali, which was amazing, especially since they carefully themed the exhibit displays, allowing you to see and grasp the underlying themes in his paintings and sculptures more effectively, and this is important with surrealism, because the style is so chaotic that it makes it hard to really enjoy them in the classical sense (unlike say...Cezanne, or Matisse, or Chagall, Monet, Manet, Degas etc etc)

Yes...I'm an art fag. ;-)

Overall, I loved the politeness inherent in most of English society, from the taxis to the pubs. Also, unlike America, the police are helpful even in non-emergencies, whereas here they are generally kind of scary unless they're pulling you out of a burning car. So as not to offend, allow me to explain that, here, in the US, our police can be very heroic, throwing themselves into dangerous situations and helping people in a crisis...but, that said, they generally don't want to be bothered with anything less than a crisis, and the violent nature of American crime makes them very suspicious of EVERYONE. In England, the general absence of guns means that police walk a beat and know most of the locals, stopping to talk or give directions along the way. For an American, seeing a happy, smiling police officer is a refreshing change of pace. (Of course, since I didn't have a car, I wasn't getting any happy smiling tickets, so I may be biased ;-)

The trip home was hell incarnate, complete with hurried layovers and lengthy customs inspections, lost luggage and long waits, all in places that don't allow cigarettes. By the time I was driving home, I was exhausted, it was snowing hard and windy with below zero temperatures after windchill was factored in, and even police cars and trucks were sliding off the road. The 90 minute trip home turned into four hours of snowy hell, but I made it home by midnight and promptly unpacked and crawled into bed to hibernate.

The jet lag is fading fast, its time to go back to weaning myself off the cigarettes, and time to write as much as possible and enjoy my last day off from work. Heres to updates to come this week!! Both for Big Chicago and Echoes, and you may be able to find pictures if I can upload them properly to LJ!

(and for those who are native Englanders, I saw the band...The Feeling, perform in the Borough Market while the latest episode of the BBC2 Show "SOUND" was being recorded live. Fun band! Catchy tune, and I may be in the audience shots. If you go to and look up BBC2, TV, and search the shows for 'Sound', the latest upload should be the one I was at. Look for a blurry half second of a slim man dressed all in black and a trenchcoat, and you might see me :-)

Love, peace, and it really is good to be home! Yours, Samayel

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Date:2008-01-29 02:28
Subject:Apologies to All

Well, it isn't all bad news ;-)

Aside from nearly being in a car wreck during Michigans famously fickle weather ( from which I miraculously escaped without harm to me or my truck ), I've been plugging away at updates only to have my Word program crash once again, wiping out much of a new chapter for Echoes. I am most displeased.

That said, I'm due to leave for London in a couple days, and it should be a marvelous journey, but I had set a goal of posting before I left! It may be tomorrow night...if I can catch back up to where I was, if not, it may be two weeks before I can post. Again...I am most displeased.

Wish me luck in Merry Olde England! When i return, there will be tales to tell, and possibly pics as well!

Love and Peace, and my apologies for the delays, Samayel

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